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Meet Your Idols

Twenty-seven years ago, I wrote a report in English class about my favorite filmmaker, and Saturday night, I finally met him.

Jurassic Park made me realize anything is possible in the movies. If you can dream it--and write it--then it can be put on film. I grew up loving dinosaurs, memorizing their names, going to the Natural History Museum to see fossils. Then, Steven Spielberg put dinosaurs on the big screen in a way that looked and felt realistic. And he told of helluva good story about family, as he does in most of his movies.

In The Fabelmans, that story is his own. It's a heartfelt, at times funny, and, of course, very cinematic film. And it's Spielberg, so the third act is too long, but what an ending! The film is a memoir of one of the medium's greatest practitioners, a meditation on life as an artist, and a tribute to the power of cinema. All set to a John Wiliams score. And after credits rolled, I got to snap a selfie with one of my idols! Who could ask for anything more?

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