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Danielle's directorial debut is Invasion '53, a short film about a man-eating alien in human form who crashes a suburban cocktail party in 1953. The movie stars Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator,

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and was produced with Kurt Uebersax.

Director's Statement

At my first meeting with our star, Jeffrey Combs, he called Invasion ’53 “a Twilight Zone haiku.” That’s a great description of what we set out to make. This short film is a sendup of the sometimes scary, sometimes campy, but always delightful sci-fi flicks of the 1950s. I set this picture during a suburban cocktail party, incorporating as many ‘50s sci-fi tropes as possible. My hope is that when the lights come down and the projector turns on, the audience is transported back to the heyday of sci-fi films and is thoroughly entertained by our Twilight Zone haiku.

   —Danielle Weinberg


Pictured: Jeffrey Combs, Annie Gill, John Judy, Nicole Halmos, Rick Kain, Michal Sinnott, Dan Franko, Zach Brewster-Geisz, Lisa Randazzo Kearns, Vince Eisenson, William L. Thomas, Kurt Uebersax, and Danielle Weinberg

Invasion '53 is currently on its festival run. Please check back for screening dates.

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