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Cyrano in the world of online gaming: Romantic but insecure war vet Landon helps his hunky best friend win the heart of an amazing girl — a player in Landon’s online video game — even though Landon is in love with her!

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Sherlock Holmes with a sci-fi twist: An outgoing young undergrad teams with a brilliant but socially inept A.I. researcher to solve baffling murder cases — and gradually comes to realize that her genius partner is the world's first android.

Coastal Watch


In the vein of Hitchcock’s Rear Window: A recently traumatized teen witnesses a murder in the beach house across the street, but when no one believes her, she seeks out the answers herself and finds her own life in jeopardy.

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A brilliant, sarcastic P.I. catches criminals with the aid of the detective she divorced, in the city she can’t stand: Las Vegas.

Murder, Party of Ten


In the comic vein of Clue, Neil Simon’s Murder by Death, and Mel Brooks’ parodies comes this screwball whodunit about ten strangers thrown together on a dark and stormy night.

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Scripts available upon request.

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